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Dan Orlando Project – Accordion Tracking

Studio A: Nicholas Boutwell tracking accordion on a song for the upcoming Dan Orlando project. The project is already in the mixing stages, Dan Orlando and Producer Jason Pennock are adding finishing touches to tracks and songwriting daily.

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Dan Orlando – Album Mixing

Dan Orlando began mixing his album this week in our Studio C with Chief Engineer Jim “Pinky” Beeman and Producer Jason Pennock. More to come, still tracking in Studio A!

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Fit For Rivals – Studio C

Fit For Rivals have been in Studio C the past week putting the final touches on mixes for their upcoming album with Chief Engineer Jim “Pinky” Beeman. Looking forward to the final product!

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Nate Najar in the studio

Nate Najar’s kind words to Chief Engineer Jim “Pinky” Beeman:   “thanks and thanks and ever thanks this record is going to mix itself practically.  The tracks really sound so good and clean.  I love that mono drum mic too….

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